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Today, I want to uncover the true reason / motive behind these job alerts I’ve began.

Nowadays, 850 million people use LinkedIn.

➡️ However, not everyone knows or gets the jobs’ alerts that they actually need and want. I get it, you would be whispering that there is a jobs alerts feature, but what if I told you that not all companies are posting their jobs onto the Jobs on LinkedIn.

Some companies simply share it as a post that they are looking to hire XXX and so on. These posts are not generated in the job alerts by LinkedIn.

As such, I took it to myself to share with you a collection of tech jobs on a weekly basis. 🔥

These job alerts shall help you:

💡 Connect with the hiring managers quickly

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Anyways, allow me to spill out the jobs which came on last week.

Now, here are some tech jobs I’d saw on LinkedIn!

Are you applying for any one of the roles above?

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Google’s Unfamiliar Territory

At an all-hands meeting, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai told employees to get on board with cost-cutting measures after he was asked about the company’s new policy of “nickle and diming” the employee entertaining, travel, and swag budget. Pichai encouraged the employees griping about lower budgets for the “fun” stuff to consider the company’s position in the worsening macroeconomic climate.

Meta Pays Up

A judge has ordered Meta to pay the voice-to-text transcription company, Voxer $175 million for patent infringement.

Instagram Crash

Instagram crashed for users last week who complained that they could not post photos or view the app in several countries like India.

Apple Updates the Shakes

Apple is issuing an update for iPhone’s that updated to iOS 16. iOS 16.0.2 will address the camera shaking bug that some users experienced in third party apps like Snapchat and Tik Tok.

Facebook Users Go After Meta

A group of Facebook users is suing Meta for using an iOS loophole to track users. The users allege that Meta broke Apple privacy rules and federal privacy protections by monitoring users through Facebook’s in-app browser.

Nvidia Announcements

Nvidia announced the launch of the RTX 4090 and 4080 Desktop GPUs.

Youtube Adds Shorts

By luring creators onto YouTube’s Shorts platform, YouTube is looking to tackle Tik Tok’s grip on the short-form content market. Youtube announced they are expanding its Partner Program and adding revenue sharing to Shorts.

Revolut Hack

The fintech startup Revolut confirmed a hack that allowed bad actors to access the personal data of tens of thousands of users. The announcement confirmed that no funds were stolen or accessed during the hack. The company says that 50,150 users who had their data accessed have been alerted.

Ethereum Falls After Merge

The long-awaited Ethereum merge from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake model was executed last week. The merge is already having surprising consequences, including the price of the Ethereum coin dropping more than 17% and potentially turning the coin into a security, according to the SEC.

Guard Your Inbox

Google will begin rolling out a new feature to keep campaign emails out of users’ spam folders today ahead of the midterms. The Federal Election Commission approved the controversial new feature in August. Google proposed the change after Republican candidates and campaigns complained that their emails were being filtered out of users’ inboxes more than democratic candidates were.

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