I have created this publication on Medium.com for new writers to help them on the medium platform. I started with a blank medium profile, I understand the frustration of starting from nothing and trying to build your profile.

So why not help each other?

I simply ask you to follow some simple rules:

  1. I want you to support the people who write, if you like their article let them know, it takes a few seconds to clap for them.
  2. Be polite with your comments, feedback is great, however, new people may be more sensitive compared to established writers, so try and be positive if you can.
  3. Please use a title and a subheading Please use at least one picture.
  4. Please use Grammarly for editing your articles.
  5. If you have any questions please email me direct farisoft@gmail.com

Now, how to write for us?

  1. Follow our publication, then reply to this article — “I want to be a writer for Welcome to Writing!”, and then I would add you in.

Let’s help you grow!