Hey friends!

I am sorry as I did not publish any jobs’ alerts for anyone for almost 2 months!

That’s so long! I understand the frustrations you may face or see due to this and I am so sorry about it if I was not helpful to you in the past two months.

Before I start resumption of the jobs alerts to everyone, I wanted to share something real quick.

Just 2 months ago, I’d lost my dear healthy boy, Zaheer Raees due to Covid-19. Did you knew that he was a healthy, cheeky and active boy who runs to me and mumbles “Papa” repeatedly when I always work from home.

Well, that is life. You never know what happens tomorrow.

Now, end of my personal side of things and jumping back into jobs for you this week!

Now, here are some tech jobs I’d saw on LinkedIn!

Did any one of the above roles excited you?

Thank you!