I'm graduating with a Computer Science degree but I don't feel like I know how to program

Best way to learn to program is to write programs.

Two suggestions :

  • develop a game
  • develop a web site

Algorithms, while useful, and should be understood, actually play second fiddle to software design. TDD / Design Patterns / Architecture / Refactoring / Unit Testing / The process of putting code together / etc tend to be far more important skills.

Also, far better to do this in your own time. Don't wait to work this stuff out on the job. I find the people who tend to do better are the ones who early in their careers put the effort in to develop their skills in their own time. Usually because they are genuinely passionate about software development

  • One more thing is to "Read books and samples" and don't be ashamed to ask. If you want to learn you should ask :)

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