Is it possible to brute force bitcoin address creation in order to steal money?

It may be "theoretically" possible, but in reality it's unlikely to be achieved - As in counting the number of atoms in an office building unlikely.

Bitcoin addresses are actually the 256-bit SHA hash of an ECDSA public key, so any vulnerabilities in those algorithms would constitute a vulnerability in bitcoin itself. Realistically, however, breaking this level of encryption requires a huge amount of processing power. Coincidentally it requires precisely the same kind of processing power that bitcoin mining requires and in almost every scenario it would be massively more profitable to mine than to hack.

Edit: It's actually RIPEMD-160(SHA-256(public key)) as opposed to just SHA-256(public key) as I originally mentioned, so it's a 160-bit hash of a 256-bit hash of a public key. While the target keyspace (160 bits) is smaller thanks to this final step, it's also an additional computation that a would-be hacker must make. While the additional computational complexity doesn't even come close to canceling out the removal of 96 bits of keyspace, it should be noted that finding a collision in a 160-bit keyspace is still incredibly difficult and time consuming. More importantly, it is more difficult and time consuming than actually mining the same number of coins would be, thus making it highly unlikely anyone would even attempt such an attack - even if the equipment to make such an attack plausible in a meaningfully small span of time existed.

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