What is your browsing data worth?

Ask Google and Facebook!

We know that Facebook and Google and the other big players online profit from our data through advertising, targeted search and more but despite the efforts of Big Government we still have very little say over how we create data and how it is used.

This was a great pitch because the problem is so clearly articulated, and we all understand the issue.

I have an interest in Affiliate Marketing, and was recently shown a new network in the Paid Data Space. 5Billion Sales — aims to pay people for using the internet. This opportunity is completely free, and the numbers look GREAT.

There is a simple explanation video on YouTube here


You can earn US$400 for simply doing what you are already doing on the internet. 5 Billion Sales is not yet live — it is in pre-launch but is expected to launch on December 21st 2021

For each person you sign up directly you earn $100. For each person they sign up you earn $5. You then earn $5 for every level of referral up to 16 levels down.

If you sign up 2 people you should earn an easy $600 i.e. $400 from your own data and $100 from each of your referrals. You could potentially earn a lot more if your referrals introduce more referrals.

The video below explains the potential much better than I can but suffice to say, if you are willing to put in the work you could see massive returns.


5Billion Sales pays monthly starting next month (January 2022) so it could be a relatively quick route to a chunk of cash in the post-holiday period.

I know lots of people are anti-affiliate marketing and claim it is immoral and that only the top 1 or 2% make any money. Note that 5 Billion Sales pays $100 for a direct referral and only $5 at every level below that — even if you went all 16 levels down that’s only $80 — proving that the direct referrals are what is valued most.

Also bear in mind there is no cost to have a go at this opportunity — its up to you how much time you put in and if you just use the features yourself you should be able to net $400. Introduce 2 people and you will be at US$600 for just a few minutes work, and even better — 5Biillion Sales is international so it doesn’t matter where you live, or where your friends and family are located

I am promoting this to people I know that need cash, because it is simple to understand and has no risk for them. It pays monthly and pays year after year so its possible to build up a residual income stream. 5Billion Sales is not collecting reams of personal data and aim to protect and help you monetise the data you generate online every day. As the Dragon said in Dragon’s Den its like making every individual their own affiliate.

If you missed the affiliate links in the article they are here

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