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If I reached out to a random person on the LinkedIn and asked them “are you happy with your job”, they’d probably say “yes”.

In fact, most people in the professional world say their job gives them happiness fairly or evenly. But there’s another way of measuring job satisfaction that would give… interesting results.

Ali Abdaal calls it The Skip Test.But I am not going to spend more time on the Skip Test as my buddy, Ali Abdaal already wrote about it elaboratively on his blog.

As for me, I am going to focus on the Jobs which came out this week and you just won’t believe it!

Oh by the way, as we speak - FoodPanda, Sea (Shopee) are slowing down their hiring’ in Singapore which is bad but hey - there are other great jobs out there!

Now, here are some tech jobs I’d saw on LinkedIn!

Are you applying for any one of the roles above?

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Apple Goes for Satellite Tech

Apple’s new emergency SOS feature reveals that the company is investing more heavily into satellite services than they initially let on.

Preorders Prevented

Eager buyers looking to preorder the iPhone 14, new Apple Watch, or AirPods models were locked out of the App Store or the website, preventing them from preordering the devices. Others experienced issues like payments not going through or phone numbers being listed as invalid.

Binance Dumps USDC

Binance will convert users’ holdings in the stablecoins USDC, USDP, and TUSD into its own stablecoin BUSD on September 29th. Binance will no longer support the alternative stablecoins, but users will be able to withdraw their holdings before the automatic transfer on the 29th. Circle’s USDC is the second largest stablecoin, while BUSD is the third largest.

In the Shadow of the Apple Launch, Google Plans Pixels

Google announced an October 6th launch event to debut the Pixel Watch and Pixel 7. With the Pixel Watch, Google will be going up against competitors Apple and Samsung, which have been making wearables like the Apple Watch for years, so the Google Watch has a lot to measure up against.

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